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About Maryland Convent Private School


To educate learners and challenge them to reach their full potential by engaging all partners in a dynamic experience of faith that is missionary and learning in a Christ centred community that is inclusive and rooted in the Gospel and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. We do this in the conviction that spiritual, moral, physical, intellectual, personal and social growth are all interrelated and interdependent. 


To develop well educated builders of a just society with effective work habits, respectful social skills and religious awareness that will allow them meet life's challenges and fashion their personal lives to attain the common good and their eternal destiny.


School Anthem

We build our School on thee O Lord,

We bring our common needs, with

loving hearts we sing, togetherness,

obedience and hard work.


The tender thought, the kindly deeds,

Keep our faltering steps, aright, we

work together in thy sight, enrich

and bless our School, we pray thy

Spirit maybe present in our midst


We build our School on thee O Lord,

We bring our common needs, with

loving heart we sing, togetherness,

obedience and hand work.


Brief Profile of MCPS

January 23rd 1967 marked the birth of this great school in the then diocese of Lagos. It was the third among the existing primary schools the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles.

The school was designed for all categories of the human race regardless of status hence, the very minimal school fees charged if compared with other schools of its standard in the environs to make it affordable for all. The school at its inception used part of the former St. Agnes teaching training blocks as there were no buildings. Rev. Sr. Comgall Milligan, OLA, Mrs. Shasegbon, Mrs. Beckley to mention a few groomed the school for one year and thereafter Mrs. Okoribido F. J. was employed the first Headmistress of the school in 1968.

In 1970, construction work commenced and was completed, and blessed by Fr. Morrison, SMA in 1972 and was opened for use. The building was such of its kind in Lagos then that it was mistaken for a university. The building initially had 18 classrooms besides the administrative and the Nursery blocks. The school exhibits the modern touch of education with room allocated to Music, Arts and Culture, Home Economics, libraries, Science and Computer laboratories. All of which are well equipped adequately and of high standard.

The compound is spacious with display of horticultural designs and well ventilated classrooms. Its atmosphere is quite serene and conducive for learning. The school initially ran an 8 year programme from Nursery to primary 6. The first graduates were 154 in the year 1984 with outstanding merits and scholarships to secondary schools.

Presently, 8 buildings are within the school premises including a 1000 sitting capacity school hall. The classes obtainable are the creche, pre-nursery, nursery and primary. We also have staff strength of about 130 and the pupils' population of about 1426. In line with delivering qualitative education and producing well-grounded pupils in all aspects of life, the school does not limit her knowledge to classroom work alone but also engage in co-curricular activities such as exhibitions of arts and culture, debates, T.V. programs, sports, excursions, visitation to less privileged homes, spiritual exercises (Missionary Childhood Association, moral instructions and Catechism class) etc. The colour of the school uniform is brown and cream with customized white/brown socks and brown Cortina shoes. 

In the light of the above, it is worthy of note that the school has produced great scholars who have obtained great heights and are holding enviable positions in the society. Qualified teacher with degree ranging from the National Certificate in Education to the B. Ed are the crop of staff that deliver qualitative education to the pupils.


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